Tuesday, June 24, 2014


There’s going to be a moving/estate sale this weekend. 70+ years of things to go through and clean out. People running the sale come tomorrow. It feels like the locusts are going to descend and I need to take anything of value–sentimental or otherwise–to a safe place......

.........My brother had the good sense to leave town a few days ago, leaving me to go through everything by myself. Exhausting but also a way to have an intimate kind of closure. A cousin offered to help, but I liked sifting through things and stopping to read this or smile at that–without interruptions...

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  1. Your blog is really inspiring. It gives hope to aged people, they get a believe that being aged isn't a bad thing after all. My MIL is also a women like that, even though she is 82 she still lives on her own and doesn't need any external help. We installed an emergency medical alarm system at her home last year in case of any emergency and thankfully she haven't had to use that yet.