Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reflections on Thanksgiving and the Circle of Life

This is one of the few times in decades that Thanksgiving dinner has not been at our home. Now that Sr. Advisor R has died, the celebration has passed to the younger generation (in their 40's). 

"Every twist of the  kaleidoscope moves us all in turn."--Elton John

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Outsmarting Toilet-paper-lacking and/or Seat-cover-deficient stalls in Women's Restrooms

How often have we found ourselves waiting in a long, slow line for the Ladies' Restroom--then finally entering a vacated stall that is unacceptable or even disgusting? And how extra-bad is it if our aging--or old--mother or grandmother is with us and must deal with it too? 

A friend (I think) just said: "Your blog on a practical, less-than-tasty subject treats it with good taste, I think."  

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Celebrating Veteran's Day 2015

Honoring Those Who Served ~ 5th Avenue New York City

Again we honor those who serve, have served,
and made the ultimate sacrifice. 

We also learn that ongoing research focusing on the "transition of veterans from military to civilian life," is underway at Teachers College, Columbia U.  Today's just-received email, Beyond PTSD: Exploring the stresses of veterans’ transition back to civilian life gives details about the newly established Resilience Center for Veterans & Families.

 Also check out this short, well-done, video that spans the generations--grandfather,  grandsons and those in between. It caught my attention this year.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Help Aging Parents--Hospice: Why Wait To Call?

                         Call Hospice for Your Mom!

I meddled! A former neighbor sounded awful when I phoned the other night. She's very old; has had cancer successfully treated over decades, but it sounds like the end may be near. There's no "maybe" about the pain she says she has had for some time.  There's an aide with her 24/7 so I didn't think hospice was involved, although it sounded like they should be.

Bottom line: Calling hospice--or suggesting someone contact hospice--may be uncomfortable. But calling sooner--rather than later--offers professional, appropriate comfort to patient and family and a better chance for a satisfying ending. So many have said "I wish I'd called hospice sooner."

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Help Aging Parents: Halloween in New York City


Halloween decor and costumed kiddies holding their parents' hands are ever-present in NYC today. For young and old who are mobile, the side-streets of NY offer everything--except the inflatables seen on front yards in the suburbs.

The ghoulish and creepy displays on the upper eastside--just a block east of Central Park made the news. Very young, pushed in strollers by parents (and often accompanied by their dogs), and those older who could walk, stopped to view the spooky surroundings. We share some here--

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What 90-year-olds Want From Doctors

 "Look at older patients instead of typing notes into a computer, take more time with them and answer their questions..."

Case Western Reserve Medical School recently held its annual panel discussion, "Life Over 90,"  for their 2nd-year-medical students. The 90+-year-old panel members shared experience and advice--equally instructive for anyone whose elderly loved ones go to doctors. And isn't that  true for everyone?

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gifting Easily-decorated Halloween Pumpkins with Flowers and Whimsey Lifts Spirits of Aging Parents and Care Center Elders

IMG_46312015 Pumpkins for Elders 

Pumpkins with interesting stems and the potential for whimsey make uplifting October gifts. And once again they've been given to older people this past week, the oldest being 97-year-old J.

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