Saturday, July 4, 2015


INDEPENDENCE DAY, JULY 4TH--hard  won, as history shows

As we strive to help elders age well, aren't we also reminded of how important independence is to each individual throughout a lifetime.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

101-Year-Old Aging Well Independently: 10 How-To's

Sr. Advisor R, my mil, was a poster child for aging independently, unselfishly and well. She said, to the extent she could, she’d done everything; helped everyone; and given to those she wanted to give. She was ready to go. It was no secret. And I’ve been thinking–since her timely death last week at 101–about how she managed life so well.

R lived by the following: 

 1.Take care of yourself (or you won’t be able to take care of anything else).
2. Be responsible
3. Don’t abuse yourself. (You get enough from the outside)
4. Know when to say “no.”
5. Simplify (as you age)

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Airports /Travel for Aging Parents and Elders: Happy or Pain Producing? 2015

Young travelers may easily navigate airports but it's...
...Not so easy for aging parents and old people.

Many elders are obviously not at their peak physically--with
--poorer vision,
--poorer hearing
--less energy
than younger travelers.

TSA instructions that include lifting carry-ons to a conveyer belt for inspection can be problematical for elders with weak muscles. Taking a carry-on or pulley up and down escalators challenges balance. The myriad directional signs for gates can be confusing. Long walks to distant gates wear elders out. And important loudspeaker announcements--especially made by those with foreign accents--are often not heard or not understood. 

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aging Parents: Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers Part 2 2015 Update

Cake by Esperanza 

Round-up of 50 Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers continued  
A tie!? When men "dressed" to go out ties were a most popular Father's Day gift. While still a popular gift, today's more casual dress code makes me wonder about the future of ties...they aren't listed under "Accessories/Clothing" in part 1.
However, this Father's Day Cake, complete with tie, could be a creative answer for those who bake and like using marzipan. Can anything top making this cake as a loving tribute to a great Dad or Grandad? For those who don't bake, my round-up continues.....
Hearing: Hearing loss is a problem for older people and for those who communicate with them. 

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Aging Parents: Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers--Part 1 2015 update

 Father's Day sleeveless sweater vest cake 
made by Esperanza

Round-up of 50 Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers

More gifts ideas for aging fathers and grandfathers--than I think a man could possibly want--have filled my posts over the last four years. I've reread them, remembering the time and outside-the-box thinking that went into compiling the list. 8 categories, arranged alphabetically: "Accessories and Clothing" to "Vision."

Not needing to reinvent the wheel, I've updated the list and added a bit. It's long now. I'll post in 2 parts so it's not overwhelming. Hoping that your shopping is made easier and that the aging men in your life will have smiles on their faces when they open their gifts.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015--Meaningful Connections with Elders and Aging Parents


Memorial Day Weekend 2015...

...Is there a better time to have meaningful conversations with the older--and the oldest--people in our lives?

The commonality of experience, hardship, and sacrifice for country, is shared by countless families over countless years. Some memories lie deep within our elders--aging parents and grandparents and no doubt people who never married. Some memories may still haunt; some may never be spoken of. We know this from movies and books we've read, if we haven't experienced it in our own families.

Never-the-less there's a positive for those of us with aging friends and family members as well as those for whom we're caregivers--if these elders like to talk about the past. It's the opportunity to ask them meaningful questions that convey genuine interest ...

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day 2015: Elders, Aging Parents and Grandparents and The World War II Memorial


Our Elders, Aging Parents and Grandparents: Journalist Tom Brokaw highlighted their specialness, coining the expression "The Greatest Generation" for his popular book about them. On May 19, 2015 countless aging parents and grandparents (and I) visited the World War II Memorial to pay tribute and to remember.

Part of the National Park Service, the World War II Memorial definitely does not glorify war. It does glorify the deep-seated values of our elders and a time in the history of the United States that affected each and every person. 

And we--or at least I--find most old people don't hesitate to talk about the WWII war years. In fact reminiscing seems to be a popular pastime with the elderly in spite of all the adversities they've experienced. (Depression and war to name two.) 

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