Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Holiday Gifts for Aging Fathers and Grandfathers--1 (updated)

More gifts ideas for aging fathers and grandfathers--than I think a man could possibly want--filled my May 2011 Father's Day gifts posts: 7 categories, arranged alphabetically, from "Accessories and Clothing" to "Vision." I reread them, remembering the time and outside-the-box thinking that went into compiling the list.

Not needing to reinvent the wheel, I've updated the list and a added a bit. I'll post it in 2 parts so it's not overwhelming and conclude Saturday. Hoping that your shopping is made easier and that the aging men in your life will have smiles on their faces as they open their presents.
1.  Accessories and Clothing:

--Cane (measured correctly) or walking stick
--Hat (to shade a bald/potentially balding head)
--Sport shirt. (Dad liked long sleeve ones to protect his arms from skin cancer--a definite concern as he aged.)
--Sleeveless cardigan sweater vest (not over the head). Easier to get off and on if buttons aren't a problem. Older people run cold. Dad wore it at home. It also looked good under a jacket when he went out. (This style is hard to find...know someone who knits?)
--An easy-to-use umbrella collapesable--opens and closes with the push of a button. (Totes makes a good one.)   

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2. Computers: 3. Entertainment:  4. Health/Hygiene:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aging Parents: Women 60-90 Share Feelings in Survey--How This Impacts Us

On Thursday MORE magazine’s computer Weekly Update featured an article with results from MORE’s survey* asking women 60+ to share feelings about:

Current Marriage/Romantic Relationship
Religious/Spiritual Satisfaction

There were 1002 respondents–the oldest was 90+. We can assume these women–although on the older, old, and old, old side of life–read MORE magazine and therefore, are connected to what’s going on and are mentally capable. I think it’s safe to say we can also assume the results are applicable to some or many of our aging mothers and may be applicable to some or many of us– depending on our current age.

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2012 Holiday Gifts for Aging Mothers-2 (updated 11/26/12

Fashionable, Appropriate Clothing and Accessories continued...

If we subscribe to "look good, feel better," a new outfit or an addition to an older person's wardrobe that pulls an outfit together (and meets the criteria discussed in last Saturday's post) just has to play a part in helping parents age well. And who knows, maybe an aging father will look twice at his bride of many years and give her a compliment!

Draper's & Damon's (800-843-1174) advertises a "full selection of misses, petites, and women's" clothing.  They also have: flat-front pull-on pants as well as those with all-around elastic waist bands, Alfred Dunner, Da Rue (more pricey, mother loved their "blouson tops,") additional unnamed manufacturers, and many separates shown with color-coordinated jewelry.

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