Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thinning Hair: More Solutions to Hide Scalp–for Aging Parents (and Us)

                   Looking good=feeling better... and has to help parents age well

Realizing there's no proven and approved, relatively simple way to regrow hair, the search goes on. If FDA-approved Latisse (it thickens eyelashes), can be made to do the same for the hair on our head, there will be a predictable stampede to the drug stores. As of now, however, we continue to wait and search for a miracle product.

As Help! Aging Parents continues its mission to help aging parents (and us) feel good about our hair: today's topic: topical products: Rogaine, MoniMay, and Toppik.

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Attention Busy Women Caregivers (Is that an oxymoron?) re: "Just a little Heart Attack"

Many caregivers are in the Sandwich Generation. These statistics seems not generally known:
Women age 45 and older are less likely than men of that age group − 74% vs. 81% − to survive a year after their first heart attack. In women, heart disease is too often a silent killer – nearly two-thirds of women who died suddenly had no previous symptoms.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Older Women's Thinning Hair, Instructive Links, and Styles for Women 60+

Ever feel like you're wearing 2 hats? One gaining information for yourself and one gaining information to help parents age well? From boomers to aging parents (mothers) the information in these first 3 links will be useful. Professionals explain probably all there is for a layperson to know about hair.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Older Women’s Hair Styles: Gray, Thinning~ Up Close and Personal with 6 Instructive Tips

In some ways we want to be like our mothers. In other ways we learn what not to do.  Early on I resolved not to be a slave to my hair or a hairdresser. 

In a previous post I mentioned fussing with hair seemed to be in women’s DNA, beginning as preteens. After college I stopped adding a beer rinse for extra volume; stopped doing my own hair. As a working educator with a paycheck, I had my hair done once a week (just like my mother did). 

However, once living in NY for graduate school and subsequent counseling positions, I found regular hair appointments disruptive and the upkeep too time-consuming. (And every time I went west to visit my parents, mother was still fussing with her hair before going out....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Help Aging Parents: Ceasing Parkinson Disease and Essential Tremor--Success at UCLA

Our Uncle Lou may have been one of the longest Parkinson’s survivors. He was a talented Hollywood writer whose creative genes worked overtime. A true genius, he was witty, always with a new idea, and a great way of presenting things–until the end of his life at age 78. He lived with Parkinson’s for 27 years, always looking for and hoping for some kind of relief, if not complete cure.

We know–too many of us first-hand–what happens as the disease progresses. We cling to hope that advances are made. So I share the information below, with hopes that UCLA’s procedure will make it possible to bring this much needed advance to millions.

Join Dr. Pouratian for a live-streaming webinar on June 11th to learn about the latest advances in Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease and Tremors. Register for the webinar at my other site.

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