Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can We Be Perfect When We Help Parents Age Well?

And I wonder: Is it culture or our psychological make-up that causes our stress and regret? Do we, perhaps, place unrealistic expectations on ourselves-- especially when we feel responsibility for those who need us at each end of the life cycle?

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aging Parents and Hospice: To Call? Not to Call? When to Call?

If our goal is to help parents age well until the end, I think anyone who understands the program would want to involve hospice when a parent's condition becomes terminal. How to bring up the subject of hospice, with still-with-it parents, is the bigger question.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Help! Aging Parents Selected 1st Runner-up in Best Senior Living Blogs by Individuals 2012

It's gratifying for most of us when we can do something that helps others. In my case, if I can contribute to older people's aging well, I'm a "happy camper."

My sincere thanks to Senior Homes.com, (http://www.seniorhomes.com) sponsor of this Best of the Web contest and to the panel of experts from the Senior Living industry who judged our blogs.

To view the specifics and the 10 categories in the competition (Help! Aging Parents is in the "Consumers Resources" category--"best resources online for caregivers and their families"), click  http://www.seniorhomes.com/p/2012-best-of-the-web/.  All categories--with their nominees, finalists, winners, and "people's choice" selections--are on the left sidebar......a wealth of resources and valuable information for everyone with an interest in aging.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Help Aging Parents: The Food a 98-year-old Buys to Cook for Herself

Last night, after dinner, 98-year-old R needed some groceries. She requested going to Trader Joe’s. With her shopping list in hand, we were efficient. Here’s how she works/thinks everything out.

First, she makes everything as easy as possible when it comes to meals. Groceries are heavy, so she gives thought to the size/quantity she buys–always checking dates. If she’s with someone who can carry a heavy gallon of milk with a late future date, she’ll buy it. Otherwise, she buys a carton that weighs less. This is a heads up when we shop for/with parents…….get the heavy stuff if it won’t spoil.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Help Aging Parents Stay in Their Homes: A Round-up of Technology Resources/Devices--Part 2

We never know what resonates with aging parents. Some reject “Big Brother” technology. Some reject wearing alert-type technology (pendants/bracelets) or anything that makes them feel “old,” or “different.” The following can offer something new and/or acceptable to help parents age well in their homes.

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Help Aging Parents Stay in Their Homes: A Round-up of Technology Resource/Devices--Part 1

Since, as you know, I’m a firm believer in helping aging parents stay in their homes as long as possible, I’m revisiting technology devices from past posts to help parents age in place. (The most up-to-date information follows in my next post.)
Technological devices designed to help parents age well

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is Helping Aging Parents Always Helpful?

....This very able daughter did it right. She quietly helped as needed (bringing the tomato and dill from her garden, washed and ready to use), unobtrusively carrying in plates of food from kitchen to table, refilling glasses and clearing dishes before helping with the Tosca cake. Yet it was clearly her mother’s dinner party.

I began to think about adult children who--unasked--take over major responsibility at family dinners (among other things), once older mothers reach a certain age. They decide (rightly or wrongly) it’s too much work for an aging parent--period.

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