Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aging Parents' Homes: Estate Sale

We survived day one of the 2-day estate/tag sale. Admittedly I am very tired; am also fervently hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

My energy level is its best in the morning. I’m tired at the end of a normal day–whatever “normal” is. And today, after rummaging through countless personal items (meaning they’d mean nothing to anyone else), I’m taking my own advice and crawling into bed. Tomorrow is another day— estate/tag sale day at the house.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


There’s going to be a moving/estate sale this weekend. 70+ years of things to go through and clean out. People running the sale come tomorrow. It feels like the locusts are going to descend and I need to take anything of value–sentimental or otherwise–to a safe place......

.........My brother had the good sense to leave town a few days ago, leaving me to go through everything by myself. Exhausting but also a way to have an intimate kind of closure. A cousin offered to help, but I liked sifting through things and stopping to read this or smile at that–without interruptions...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Regardless of who's doing the caregiving (or the illness involved), the last key thought keeps us balanced and healthy and--ideally--less stressed... thus better able to handle whatever comes our way. Everyone seems to be in agreement on this point. Meet UCLA's Dr. Linda Ercoli, a clinical psychologist, and Director of UCLA's Geriatric Psychology. Her webinar offers....HELP FOR SURVIVING STRESS.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aging Parents: Alzheimer’s Blogs and Key Thoughts for Caregivers and Adult Children

                      An Unexpected Honor and the Key Thoughts
The May 24th email announced: “I am happy to inform you that your blog has made Healthline’s list of the Best Alzheimer’s Blogs of 2014.  Healthline diligently selected each of the blogs on the list…..

Neither Alzheimer’s nor dementia is in my husband’s or my family. And I’ve never written specifically about it or any other illness in my posts. The closest I’ve come to mentioning dementia is including links in the sidebar (“Of Current Interest”) to articles I’ve reviewed (some include dementia) from highly regarded medical school publications. So Help! Aging Parents takes special pride in the reasoning the led to including our blog in this “Best” list of 23 Alzheimer’s blogs.

        Helping Parents Age Well isn’t just about helping our parents.
       The information and insight in these pages is useful to anyone
       who anticipates living beyond midlife. Key thoughts like “Will
       these actions I’m about to undertake empower or diminish?”
       and “Does the quick fix harm later goals?” inform all of blogger
       Susan’s writing. Her focus on values and long-term solutions 

       makes for a good life-coaching guide and regular reading.

Since the “Key Thoughts for Adult Children of Aging Parents” list goes back to my early posts, and many may not be aware of their publication, revisiting the list makes sense.


• The Right Start Saves Many Problems

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Cake by Esperanza

2014 Round-up of 45 Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers Continues....

Back in the day when men "dressed" to go out--even to a baseball game--ties were a most popular Father's Day gift. Indeed until recently ties continued to be a very popular gift. The more casual dress code the US has adopted, makes me wonder about the future of ties...they aren't listed under "Accessories/Clothing" in part 1. Yet for traditionalists, this Father's Day Cake complete with tie could be a creative answer for those who bake and like using marzipan. Can anything can top making this cake as a loving tribute to a great Dad or Granddad? For those who don't bake, my round-up continues.....

Hearing: Hearing loss is a problem for older people and for those who communicate with them.

  • Assistive listening systems: products for TV watchers who need very high volume to hear well (while others don't). Click the preceding link then scroll down to "Assistive Listening Systems" if you wish to educate yourself. 
  • Amplified Telephones =better conversation for all. This link provides a quick education as does the "Amplified Telephones" section of this U. of Calif at San Francisco Medical Center site.

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Monday, June 9, 2014


 Father's Day sleeveless sweater vest cake made by Esperanza          

More gifts ideas for aging fathers and grandfathers--than I think a man could possibly want--have filled my posts over the last three years. I've reread them, remembering the time and outside-the-box thinking that went into compiling the list. 8 categories, arranged alphabetically: "Accessories and Clothing" to "Vision."

I've updated the original list and added to it. It's long now. I'll post in 2 parts so it's not overwhelming. Hoping that your shopping is made easier and that the aging men in your life will have smiles on their faces when they open their gifts.

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