Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aging Parents: Alzheimer’s Blogs and Key Thoughts for Caregivers and Adult Children

                      An Unexpected Honor and the Key Thoughts
The May 24th email announced: “I am happy to inform you that your blog has made Healthline’s list of the Best Alzheimer’s Blogs of 2014.  Healthline diligently selected each of the blogs on the list…..

Neither Alzheimer’s nor dementia is in my husband’s or my family. And I’ve never written specifically about it or any other illness in my posts. The closest I’ve come to mentioning dementia is including links in the sidebar (“Of Current Interest”) to articles I’ve reviewed (some include dementia) from highly regarded medical school publications. So Help! Aging Parents takes special pride in the reasoning the led to including our blog in this “Best” list of 23 Alzheimer’s blogs.

        Helping Parents Age Well isn’t just about helping our parents.
       The information and insight in these pages is useful to anyone
       who anticipates living beyond midlife. Key thoughts like “Will
       these actions I’m about to undertake empower or diminish?”
       and “Does the quick fix harm later goals?” inform all of blogger
       Susan’s writing. Her focus on values and long-term solutions 

       makes for a good life-coaching guide and regular reading.

Since the “Key Thoughts for Adult Children of Aging Parents” list goes back to my early posts, and many may not be aware of their publication, revisiting the list makes sense.


• The Right Start Saves Many Problems

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