Thursday, March 24, 2016

Help Aging Parents: Caregiving--A Caregiver's Story

As parents age, concerns about heavy-duty caregiving are common. The NY Times published a powerful piece in early March. Elizabeth's experience as told to NY Times science/geriatrics-writer/columnist, Paula Span, will resonate with many caregivers, Alzheimer's caregivers or not.

            Living with the parents I'm losing to Alzheimer's:
two excerpts--

     One night recently my dad was so confused, up so many times, and I was exhausted and full of frustration and anger and overwhelming grief. I just went in there and cried in his arms, begging him, “Please, go back to sleep.” He didn’t understand, but he was holding me and crying, too, and saying, “I’m so sorry. I’ll do better. I’ll do better.”

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Aging Parents: Lift Spirits on ST. PATRICK'S DAY

Oxalis regnellii (Shamrock) Plants at Trader Joe's March 2016
I've always loved this plant and have written about it in previous posts. It's easy care: likes good, indirect light; flowers for long periods, then takes a rest; opens in daylight and closes up at night; likes moist, non-soggy soil and its leaves collapse (but plant doesn't die) to tell you when it's too dry and needs immediate watering. How user-friendly is that?
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Saturday's and Sunday's Posts Postponed and Sr. Advisor D's Death

Last Monday began with a funeral for Sr. Advisor D, who died unexpectedly a few days before in Florida, where she spent winters. Her son had been visiting with her for a few weeks and was due to return to NY the next day. She often said her son helped her age well; indeed they were enjoying a busy schedule in Florida prior to her death. .

Sr. Advisor D was a mentor to me when I took the counseling position at Scarsdale High School decades ago and remained a dear friend. She was "up on the latest"--whatever that was--so interesting and fun to be with. Very bright and well-read (a former honors English teacher), she was an active 90-year-old, who continued to participate in all aspects of life. This included significant contributions to my blog--until the end. 

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Surviving Hospitalization of an Aging Parent or Spouse--2: 7 Tips for Coming Home

The first thing Deb, the RN-Geriatric Care Manager, said to me during her "courtesy call" at the hospital was something like:

"Get everything in order at home: fresh sheets and towels on bed and in bathroom; wash laundry, your hair; bring in a supply of groceries; do everything you need to do because you won't have time to do it initially." Excellent advice.

The following suggestions came from healthcare workers in the hospital--
or from what worked well for me:

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

13 Tips for Surviving Hospitalization of an Aging Parent or Spouse

How many times have people said "You must take care of yourself?" when caring for an elderly loved one who's hospitalized. There's stress. ...too many things to take care of, possibly many people giving advice, definitely emotionally draining.  I'm convinced the following 13  suggestions ease the experience:

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