Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aging Parents: Hospitalization and the Importance of Family

While I've never been an alarmist, I think having the information below is just plain "smart." While one could use the word "proactive," it's not a word I particularly like-- but it's also clearly applicable. Today we're much more informed about our medical treatment, which sometimes involves more explanations from doctors than we can digest. This is a good reason to accompany aging parents to their doctor appointments if they'll agree to it. 4 ears and 2 brains should be better than half that number, especially when people grow old. Let's look at how this relates to supporting hospitalized aging parents~

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Help Aging Parents: Stroke--My Family, Your Family--a refresher

 .....While great progress has been  made in stroke prevention and rehabilitation, and Mother and her brother suffered milder strokes than their mother, they both were stroke victims while being monitored by their doctors and on medication. The bottom line: Click the link above. It’s never too late for a refresher…for myself and everyone–who is at risk, knows someone at risk, or whose goal is to help parents age well.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Best Phones For People With Disabilities--possibly free!

In response to a reader’s request–Do you know anything about senior friendly phones at home (base station and hand held)? My husband is almost blind, and we have no cell phone reception here, it’s a rural area, only our landline– I pass on this information.

While the specific information below is for California Residents, the Low Vision Services Coordinator, Low Vision Clinic, University of California at Berkeley, who I have known for decades, says “most states have similar programs.”

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Pope Benedict XVI (85) and Sr. Advisor R (99) Have in Common

...."The Pope is quitting. I want to quit," she continued. (Obviously she had already read the paper.) She went on saying something like "I understand his not having the energy for all the responsibilities.

"You know I've been feeling this way for some time now. I'm tired. I've done everything. Helped everyone I can help; given all I can give--financially not that much, but every bit counts-- to help people and the charities I know do good right here in town; and I just don't have the energy for the responsibilities any  more."

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aging Parents: 7 Valentine's Gifts for Patients in Nursing Homes Reblogged With Feb. 9, 2013 updates

Several years ago a friend gave me a printed article with some nursing home gift guidance from (no longer on their current site). I wouldn't have kept it this long if I didn't think it worthwhile. And since Valentine's Day is only days away, I've used the article's gift topics for structure, added many gift suggestions, included photos and all of the specific plant suggestions.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Head Start on Valentine's Day--2: Caring and Connections Sent Snail Mail

When it comes to helping parents age well, my friend Monique is one of the best daughters I know. While its contents can be priceless, turning Monique's Valentine idea into a reality takes as little or as much time as we want to spend. It's handmade (a card or small booklet) with as many pages as we wish. What's inside, is the key.

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