Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Cake by Esperanza

2014 Round-up of 45 Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers Continues....

Back in the day when men "dressed" to go out--even to a baseball game--ties were a most popular Father's Day gift. Indeed until recently ties continued to be a very popular gift. The more casual dress code the US has adopted, makes me wonder about the future of ties...they aren't listed under "Accessories/Clothing" in part 1. Yet for traditionalists, this Father's Day Cake complete with tie could be a creative answer for those who bake and like using marzipan. Can anything can top making this cake as a loving tribute to a great Dad or Granddad? For those who don't bake, my round-up continues.....

Hearing: Hearing loss is a problem for older people and for those who communicate with them.

  • Assistive listening systems: products for TV watchers who need very high volume to hear well (while others don't). Click the preceding link then scroll down to "Assistive Listening Systems" if you wish to educate yourself. 
  • Amplified Telephones =better conversation for all. This link provides a quick education as does the "Amplified Telephones" section of this U. of Calif at San Francisco Medical Center site.

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