Sunday, October 11, 2015

Help Older Women Look Good: Fashionistas (67-93) and Aging Mothers

NY Fashion Week 2015 Shows Style is Ageless*
Look Better, Feel Better

Women  aged 77 and 90--- runway models? Here Wilma and Phyllis model
 at NY Fashion Week 2015

Past posts (Fashionistas or Frumpy-Dumpies) have addressed women's appearance over the years. Clearly older women can look very good! And why not? Life has changed for women since the olden days and NY recognized this during Fashion Week last month.
Senior Advisor R always looked in order and Senior Advisor D, at 90, still looks stylish--not runway stylish--but in style. How do they do it? It's not the money spent--rather  it's THE FIT and the time, energy, and desire to look good.

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