Sunday, October 4, 2015

Aging Parents, Con-Artists, & Scams: Psychological & Monetary Consequences

Preventing Independent, Proud Elders From Feeling Foolish, and Ashamed, and Possibly impoverished
Most of us would quickly get rid of a scam email requesting we send money for a friend whose wallet was lost in London. No one wants to look/feel stupid--specially when intentions are the best. We'd recognize the scam immediately. But there's a more insidious ploy with serious consequences that I was unaware of until I read the just-received November issue of ConsumerReports. 

Scam artists and con (wo)men targeting seniors is not news. 

What is news is reading about the emotional damage to elders-- on top of financial loss. "A Crying Shame-Seniors and their families lose $3 billion a year to con artists. What can we do to stop them?" arrived in our mailbox Thursday. 

These scams/frauds are so carefully conceived and executed that it's easy to understand how aging parents--indeed all elders and possibly some of us kind-hearted souls--could be sucked in. But it's the emotional fall-out--that we're unaware of and is non-fiction reading here--that I find compelling.

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