Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cleaning Out Elderly Parents' Home After Death: 7 Tips--Part 2 Efficiency, Emotional Considerations


Phase 5. Cleaning Out--Unwanted Books and Valuables. In both homes there were unwanted things that we thought had value. In most cases, upon checking, the value was far less than we thought.

I don't know how "value" affects the donation slips nonprofit organizations willingly provide, where we are responsible for writing in the value of each item. I somehow have wondered for many years how the IRS looks at that.

I do know, since we didn't live close to our parents, keeping unwanted inherited stuff takes up room, can be costly to store or ship. Thus we usually gave it away in hopes someone else or a nonprofit would appreciate it. (Didn't bother with the donation slip.)

Some of my parents' books had religious themes. I took those to the care facility run by the religious institution. They were grateful to have them. Since the famous Powell's Book Store was close, I took some books there. However, carrying heavy books for the small amount of money they generated, wasn't worth it to me. (Powell's link says they cover freight costs.)

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