Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebrating Elders Birthdays: What They Want, Not What We Want

If we’re fortunate enough to have very old parents and grandparents who are still relatively healthy, chances are we become very involved planning their birthday celebrations.

Sr. Advisor R will be 100 in  September. We are planning her party, again in her home town. There have been various kinds of parties for her over the years–taking into consideration health issues and energy. Indeed many variables that we might not think about become important for elders’ celebrations.


1.  Comfort level
—-Do they like large (20+) or smaller gatherings?
—-Do they have the energy for the large or the smaller or neither?
—-Do they mind or like surprise parties?
2.  Practical considerations
—-Do they wear dentures?
—-Can they travel?
—-How large is the party budget?
—-Are invites telephoned, emailed, or snail-mailed?
—-Gifts or not?
—-What about family members who don’t get along?

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