Monday, August 5, 2013

Aging--Celebrating Elders' Birthdays: A Once-A-Year Chance

My mother didn’t want a birthday celebration; in fact it just occurred to me: I can’t ever remember there being a birthday party for her. I think she didn’t want a “fuss.” I wonder if she didn’t want to discuss her age. (She looked younger than she was–died 2 weeks before her 89th birthday.) In any event, we all complied. Being a far-away-living child, I made a card, sent a gift, phoned–we were all happy with that and I never regretted it.

Dad, on the other hand, enjoyed celebrating so we chose destination birthday celebrations......

Being mindful of the 9 points listed in the last post would, I trust, have averted the surprise party and denture disaster. And isn't a surprise guest an excellent alternative for those who would hate a surprise party?

As we continue our commitment to help parents age well, birthdays give us many options--only limited by our good sense--for adding stimulation and joy to our elders' lives.

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