Friday, May 4, 2012

The Practical, Important Foundations for Aging 2

4 Fundamentals form the Foundation--Fundamental #2
#2.  Vision: We know how precious vision is, but not as keenly as when it begins to fail us. We can probably do nothing about some of the normal, common age-related vision changes, other than making certain we and aging parents have adequate light. For example, that little flashlight to read menus in darkly lit restaurants, or an additional light or lamp to distinguish between navy blue and black (specially for men selecting socks); and I'm not sure what needs to be invented to see the color gradations that delineate steps off of curbs or elsewhere. (Restaurants usually go a good job of this with a contrasting color carpet or painted lines.)
That said, vision change can come on so gradually, we neglect doing anything about it, even when we realize we aren't seeing that well.
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