Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help Aging Parents With Simple Creativity on Valentine's Day

Think Valentine's Day. It's the opposite of aging parents--youth, lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends. Do you remember how exciting Valentine's Day was when you were a teenager and young adult?

Perhaps the following, from a grandmother in her late-80's, sums up most older people's expectations for Valentine's Day: "In my younger days I sent Valentines to my 4 children and their children--my grandchildren.  I'd put a few dollars in the grandchidren's Valentine. But I haven't done it recently--there are so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren now."

When I asked what she'd like for Valentine's day she laughed and said, "Any time someone thinks of you--it's nice. It would be nice to get a Valentine in the mail, but I'm not expecting any."

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