Saturday, May 7, 2011

Help Aging Parents: A Baby Hawk In Time For Mother's Day

Is there a better Mother's Day gift than a new baby coming into the world? Robin and Bobby, the red-tailed hawks that nested on the window ledge of the New York University's president's office, have one hatched baby as of this posting.

We've been watching the nest's goings-on for several weeks; indeed the eggs were expected to hatch several weeks ago and were declared no longer viable by some expert just a few days ago.  Meanwhile as the drama of an overdue birth continued, a small minority of tweets on the Twitter Chat suggested keeping the faith. Faith has triumphed.

My April 20th blog suggested forwarding this and/or other live-streaming links to lift the spirits of aging parent parents (who have a computer) on dreary, rainy, days.  4800 viewers are watching the NY Times livestream as I post this.  If it's engaging them, think of the enjoyment for older parents who spend much time alone, with "time on their hands" (aka not a lot going on). This is real, reality. It's compelling, addictive and the tweets on the sidebar, while sometimes annoying, unveil viewers feelings.

So here's a Mother's Day gift--for aging mothers, aging fathers, and you too. Happy Mother's Day from Robin and Bobby and the as-yet-unnamed chick.

PS. There's more drama to come: will the 2 other eggs hatch and how well will the first chick survive?  Weeks more of viewing... A stimulating pass-time for parents in our effort to help them age well.

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