Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Aging Parents: Smartphones' Photos in Senior Healthcare


How smartphones help aging parents, the elderly and us
age well
NYC 86th St. Subway ad 2016 (above). Close up of text under "The doctor will see you now" (below).

Upon exiting the subway last week, this ad greeted me. We are to assume, I believe, that unknown medical diagnosticians, presumably MD's, are at the ready to diagnose unknown people's health issues after receiving photos taken by--and emailed from--a mobile device. 

Over three years ago, my dermatologist's assistant asked if I had an iPhone and could take a picture of something on my face, email it and perhaps save an office visit---and time (and money). What an unexpected response to my calling to make an appointment to have her look at a little spot. It made so much sense. Indeed I had the "nothing-to-worry-about" reply from her office within the hour. How efficient--and reassuring--is that!

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