Sunday, December 6, 2015

Aging Parents: How Often Do Grandparents Say Grandchildren Are The Best Gift?


How many older people have become Facebook users as a way to stay connected with grandchildren?

Since studies show that connections with others are one of the most important factors in aging well, how fortunate that technology now makes this easier. As we think about holiday gifts for elders who are grandparents--think GRANDCHILDREN.

Clearly the ad agencies understand this! Indeed, a current TV ad features a sweet, kind-looking, elderly gentleman, sitting in a chair, proudly telling the world he has a (named) brand of technology so that now he can keep in touch with his grandson. Obviously ad agencies have compiled data showing what appeals to the majority.

This post could be very short, simply suggesting that we use our imaginations, understanding that any gift that provides a connection to grandchildren is what the majority of grandparents want. That said, here are broad examples......

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