Saturday, July 25, 2015

Aging Parents and You: Tips for Getting Reimbursed When Doctors Don't Take Medicare. Part 1

Some doctors don't "take" Medicare.
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They've chosen to be excluded from Medicare Program participation.
Nevertheless, people with Part B Medicare coverage can submit
claims forms directly to  Medicare for reimbursement from these doctors, regardless of a doctor's Medicare affiliation, IF THEY DON'T SIGN WHERE IT SAYS "PATIENTS SIGNATURE" at bottom of last paragraph on opt-out form.
It's easy to miss this when reading the long paragraphs. If you sign it, you've agreed not to take Medicare reimbursement. It may not impact secondary insurance, but you may need to apply directly to secondary insurer. Also some secondary insurance policies are tied to Medicare's approving benefits. So CHECK WITH YOUR SECONDARY INSURER. It just entails a bit more work from you/your parents if you're submitting.

Helping parents age well clearly includes their healthcare. And no doubt many parents have Medicare coverage, using doctors who "take" Medicare and do the paperwork so Medicare can reimburse. And this works pretty well.
Understand what happens when a parent with Medicare coverage uses a doctor who has opted out of Medicare Program participation and thus, doesn't "take" Medicare? Some doctors in NY and probably other large cities have decided to be excluded from Medicare participation.

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