Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015--Meaningful Connections with Elders and Aging Parents


Memorial Day Weekend 2015...

...Is there a better time to have meaningful conversations with the older--and the oldest--people in our lives?

The commonality of experience, hardship, and sacrifice for country, is shared by countless families over countless years. Some memories lie deep within our elders--aging parents and grandparents and no doubt people who never married. Some memories may still haunt; some may never be spoken of. We know this from movies and books we've read, if we haven't experienced it in our own families.

Never-the-less there's a positive for those of us with aging friends and family members as well as those for whom we're caregivers--if these elders like to talk about the past. It's the opportunity to ask them meaningful questions that convey genuine interest ...

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