Sunday, March 15, 2015

Aging Parents and Vacation Planning

When parents are old--healthy or not--can we plan vacations very far in advance?...Very far away? Do we dare to go on vacation?

March: Vacation advertising increases. It looks enticing, yet caution often fills our thoughts and precedes our making a commitment.

  • Can we risk going? 
  • If our elders are going to miss us, do we feel guilty?
  • Do we have confidence in the person who will care for them and contact us if problems arise?
We can decide to afford trip cancellation insurance. That covers one aspect. Yet our uncertainty  remains:
--Do we forgo a needed, well-earned or simply badly-wanted vacation?
--Will guilt and concern weigh on us emotionally and taint the trip?

A previously planned trip to Italy with friends presented this dilemma. We went....

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