Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Great Halloween Gift Ideas Roundup for Aging, Elderly, and Hospitalized Adults--Part I: Pumpkins~Decorated, Not Carved

Favorite Farm Stand 2014      Halloween 2013 Scarecrow Pumplin 2013 Scarecrows  

When I lived near this farm stand I'd take pumpkins home and decorate--not carve--them on the kitchen for elderly friends at Halloween. However when we moved to the City, transporting them became a logistical challenge because cars in the City are basically an expensive nuisance. Thus, our car is in a garage in the suburbs. Last week I took the commuter train to the suburbs, got our car, then purchased the pumpkin, flowers etc. without knowing where I would assemble everything.

Decorating in the car would be a last resort, as there's no electrical outlet for the glue gun. Decision: this year's pumpkin--only one--would not require a glue gun, only the skewers to poke the holes. I forgot it last year and ended up using a fondue fork. It works too.

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