Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aging and Teeth (Broken Crown)–2: Important Factors in Treating Old/Older People + New Technology

Sr. Advisor R had a problem. The crown on her tooth broke. She didn’t want to sit in a dental chair and experience an “ordeal,” as she put it, which I’m sure it is for a woman who’s 100. While R makes every effort to take good care of herself, deciding about options (extract tooth, make new crown using new technology, or using traditional technology) was causing stress.

I discussed Sr. Advisor R with my dentist, Gary Markovits, DDS. He’s highly experienced, skilled, comes from a dental family, and is sensitive to old people’s needs (his wife’s parents are in their 80′s). I wanted to know if old/older patients need special consideration.

“For our senior patient population,” he says “it’s important to--

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