Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mobility-Challenged Aging Parents: From Rehab Center to Home for Thanksgiving at 97

Our Thanksgiving celebration, like that of many, brings together family members and one or two very close friends and their families. We span generations. This year the youngest is 5 months old and  R is 99.

R has never missed our Thanksgiving gatherings be they in the East or in the West. But year before last--on September 30th--she broke her hip. Attending Thanksgiving dinner that year was questionable. Doctor's orders were no weight bearing on leg with femur fracture for 90 days....and she was in a rehab center.

There were times leading up to Thanksgiving when R didn't think she could make it; but in her heart of hearts she wanted to come. The rehab center people said if she wanted to come, we all would be trained, keeping in mind she could only put weight on her good leg. Here's how:.......

Since there are several days until Thanksgiving, R's experience may be useful right now. The percentage of older people who can expect to fall and sustain a broken hip is always high, so remembering R's experience could be important in the future.

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