Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Aging Mothers--Part 1

There's a never-worn St. John knit hanging in my closet.  Normally a very pricey label, it was so inexpensive (these are the "buys" you can find in NY) I couldn't resist getting it for my mother years ago--her size, her color, two piece. But she never wore it.  Why?  At age 83, she tactfully told me that she didn't wear short sleeves because of flabby arms. Who knew?

Something to think about when selecting clothing: our aging mothers' particular wants and needs, as well as challenges.  Can can they button and unbutton easily? What about hooks and eyes? clasps to necklaces? things that zip, button in back etc. etc.  Do they want to downplay/hide certain parts of their body?

Senior advisor R, 98, has always had success with catalogs.  And she always looks well-put-together. Check out the following favorite catalog sites--not aimed at older women but with today's styles appropriate for older women. Do this with your mother if you want to entertain her a bit. There's what counselors call "a hidden agenda" here. You also find out what your mother likes/wants and can easily order it later.

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  1. Do you know what to get your parents or other loved one for the holidays? The Visiting Nurse Service of New York just posted an article on how to "Preserve Family Memories as You Make Them"