Saturday, April 30, 2011

Help Aging Parents: Veteran's Pensions revisited--on Blogtalk Radio

                                    All three levels of Veteran's Benefits
Healthcare (includes prescriptions),
Pensions (3 pension levels including Aid and Attendance)
are discussed on blogger Dale Carter's March 5, 2011 Blogtalk radio interview. Victoria Collier, a Vietnam Veteran, who's now an attorney specializing in elder law and veteran's benefits, is Dale's guest.
While attorney Collier obviously can't cover everything in depth, there are 2 reasons I highly recommend taking the time to click the link below and listen to this half-hour program.
 -- As an educator I know that while some of us are better visual learners, others are auditory learners who learn best by listening. 
-- The Veteran's Aid and Attendance Pension Program is no secret to my readers, never-the-less attorney Collier brings up more helpful details in a half hour than one can include in a blog. (We're told blogs won't hold readers' attention that long....surprise, surprise.)
Since our goal is to help parents age well--during the good times and during the challenges, if there's a veteran in your family--especially an aging one--check out Dale Carter's interview. It's such a good one--packed with information that can help parents (and grandparents), who are veterans, age well.
....And who knows, this might just turn into a life-changing present for Mother's Day....or Father's Day.

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