Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old Technology. Unique Advantages--for Aging Parents and Football Recruiters

Unexpected help. Big advantage to aging parents and college football: the Fax machine!
The Wall Street Journal reports in a short front-page article "In College Football Recruiting, The Star Player Is the Fax Machine" (2/2/11).  Readers learn the first Wednesday in February is "signing day," the date when high school football recruits can officially finalize their college choice with a signed letter.  To expedite the process the "often ignored" fax machine becomes the focus of anxious coaches as the signed letters roll in.
"I've never seen a bunch of grown men so worried about a fax machine, said the University of South Carolina's recruiting coordinator," (according to the WSJ).
Of course! Fax machines are more affordable and easier to use than the newer technology that scans and sends, so "everyone" has access to them. Yet the fax's attributes are often overlooked when thinking about helping aging parents and older people who don't use current technology.
How is it helpful?
1.  Health Issues: We can fax the doctor's office to inform of a health issue, asking for a fax or phone call back if we're asking a question (ie. Mom wouldn't take her medication.  Says it's making her nauseated.  What to do?)
"Heads up" for doctors:  Within 24 hours of an appointment, fax with specifics of reasons dad is coming in. Saves some precious time when we're there.
Clarifying problem mail: At times parents have confusing bills or written notices.  Once faxed to adult children, they can usually help untangle things to the point where parents can take care of the problem themselves. If not, the problem is not a surprise and children are "ahead of the game" when they need to intervene.
You'll no doubt think of other uses for that old fax machine.  Or perhaps you'll buy an inexpensive new one.  As we try to help older people age well, maintain independence and confidence, isn't it important that we try not to do for an aging parent what he/she can do for him or herself --even if we can do it faster and easier?  The fax still has its place.

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