Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gifts for Aging Parents--2: Mothers

There's a never-worn St. John knit hanging in my closet.  Normally a very pricey label, it was so inexpensive (these are the "buys" you can find in NY) I couldn't resist getting it for my mother years ago--her size, her color, two piece. But she never wore it.  Why?  At age 83, she tactfully told me that she didn't wear short sleeves because of flabby arms. Who knew?
Something to think about after we celebrate Thanksgiving and the shopping begins: our aging parents' particular wants and needs, as well challenges, when selecting clothing.  Can can they button and unbutton easily? What about hooks and eyes? clasps to necklaces? things that zip, button in back etc. etc.  Do they want to downplay/hide certain parts of their body??
Senior advisor, R., has always had success with catalogs.  And she always looks well-put-together. Older people and non-computer-types still shop this way, although almost all catalogs include an e-mail address for shopping on an 800 #.
The list below is carefully selected from catalogs I know older people like, with flattering styles for older people as well as others.  While clearly not all-inclusive, in addition to daywear, these catalogs offer accessories, jewelry and sleepwear plus other gift ideas.  I definitely believe in "look good, feel better." The following can help achieve this as we try to help parents age well.
For older women (as well as others), check out: especially Alfred Dunner and Koret, two manufacturers whose clothes aging mothers can wear and look well-put-together.
  • Alfred Dunner's pull on pants coordinate with tops.  The all-around elastic waist bands, while easy to pull up, can be an issue for certain figures; but not necessarily, when hidden under coordinated tops.
  • Koret eliminates the all-around elastic problem on some clothes by manufacturing flat front pants and skirts with elastic in the back or has "hidden elastic" in the waist that expands up to two inches on each side. features attractive clothes by other manufacturers than those in The Tog Shop, with the exception of Da Rue, a more expensive line that appears on random pages.  My mother loved this maker's "blouson" a decade ago.
Note: Since we're trying to help aging parents with "perfect" gifts that also help them age well and avoid problems:
  • Check the "cozy" gifts: slippers (be certain the soles are non-slippery), robes (are snap-down the front preferable to zipper-types?).
  • Beware baggy pants, due to the "pull-up" feature. While they're no problem for some, they do nothing for certain aging figures, unless hidden under tops and/or jackets.
  • Check whether or not clothes are washable
  • Check return policy
  • Google a manufacturer--I notice both Alfred Dunner and Koret have on-line outlets.
To be continued Saturday.  Happy Thanksgiving.
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