Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Helping Parents Age Well Into Old, Old Age

Tuesday's NY Times always includes its Science Section, which yesterday presented Part 2 of Jane Brody's Personal Health column focusing on people who aged well--those who have "extreme longevity".
"Delaying Body Decline" and "A Supportive Environment" are two important factors in aging well.  Rather than paraphrasing the column, please click on the link below.
The second factor, "Supportive Environment" was not what I expected. It's not about the people who surround and care about an older person.  Rather it has to do with making certain adjustments in an older person's home--some of which I never thought of.  These adjustments should give our parents an even better chance to age well longer in their homes.
Check out Jane Brody's column for your parents and for yourself.  column

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