Saturday, September 11, 2010

Help Aging Parents With More Checklists

Last Saturday's post provided a checklist list to answer Pat's question about where to find aging parents' important information. Her parents were very elderly, still took trips, so I assume she was thinking about one of the "what ifs" we all think about when we try to help parents age well: "What If Something Happens While They're Away?"....a list equally appropriate for far-away-living children who feel/have major responsibility for helping their aging parents.
That said, there are many checklists you can Google, focusing on elderly care, end-of-life planning, financial planning, home safety, legal, problems to look for, questions to ask doctors, what to look for in assisted living arrangements... to name some.
The checklist from last Saturday plus the ones below provide comprehensive information for us as we try to do our best to help relatively healthy, independent-living, aging parents age well. (FYI--Interestingly, my last Saturday's checklist is the only one I've found that mentions "computer passwords" and "PINS.")
I particularly like the two sites below.  Upon clicking the 2nd site, you will be asked to click "plain html," after which the document will appear-- initially the documents on both sites begin somewhat far down on the screen.
Caring for an Aging Parent Checklist (Henderson Group) is on the first Google page for "help aging parents checklist."

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