Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Hearing Aids Get Put in A Drawer, Never to Come Out Again

Discomfort. Expense. Strange sounds. Vanity attack.

...And we wonder why older people resist hearing aids--or put them in a drawer. Is it because they are too expensive to throw out or because they are reminders of aging and thus too difficult and depressing to have to deal with?

Which-ever. The bottom line: people who aren't hearing well-- are missing out. If our parents have hearing loss, we know they're at a disadvantage but did we realize:
  • they may feel self-conscious about asking people to repeat or
  • about not responding appropriately to what has been said...a joke, for instance
  • they seem more likely to put up with hearing loss than people who have vision problems
As we think about M's experiences in last Saturday's post, many of us can no doubt empathize.

"Better Hearing Month"
To help aging parents who may be experiencing hearing loss or hearing aid frustration, check out "Hearing Loss Isn't Just an 'Old' Thing", "Hearing aids still considered an old people thing" and WebMD. Also check out the hearing aid information. These links augment previous "Hearing Loss" posts, and provide additional understandings and information. And since May is "Better Hearing Month" there is more information than usual "out there."

FYI: I shared this post with several older women and learned all had tried--and discontinued--hearing aids. "I've had it (the hearing aid) in a drawer in a little change purse...about 4 years," said one. All said they would be interested in trying again if there was a return policy. So, adult children--take note.

Initially I planned to link to "Hearing Well in a Noisy World," Consumer Reports July 2009, and tried to do that, but couldn't since I'm away from my own computer as I write this. You can no doubt search and find the 2009 article as well as other timely articles because.....it's May!

Reading these articles supports and reconfirms M's experiences and suggestions; and hopefully offers additional ammunition to help our parents age well.

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