Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dallas Wedding

The family wedding in Dallas included at least one 90-year-old. A psychiatrist, still with a part-time practice, she looked splendid at the wedding in a red dress and flattering make-up! And she didn't hesitate to dance and was still dancing when I left!

It was heartening for all and reinforces my belief that empowering older people results in remarkable senior citizens.

I'm feeling a bit like Julie in the "Julie and Julia" movie (I don't know how many people are reading my blog), so I want to use today's post to do a quick check. Would you click "Follow" (above HELP!) at the top of this blog or http://helpagingparents@gmail.com/ (which is also the e-mail address near the bottom of the right sidebar [column]) and let me know you're reading this blog. You can give your name--or not. And if you want to tell me about your older parents, or you are an older parent, or have questions or ideas you'd like discussed-- about relatively healthy, independent older parents-- do include them in the e-mail.

Until Saturday, then, when I think I want to talk about food.

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